Using the data below, you will get the parameters of bending

Material (KN/mm2) - material tensile strength
Thickness (mm) - thickness of material to bend
Length (mm) - main width of the part to be bended
Die Opening (mm) - opening of the bending die
Min. rest length (mm) - minimum necessary length of rest of the sheet before the bend
Internal radius (mm) - internal radius of bended shape
Bending force (Tons) - total necessary force to execute the bend
* calculations are for air bending

Length(mm) 1000 Grades 90 Min. rest length (mm) 2.1 Thickness (mm) 0.5 Radius (mm) 0.5 Die opening (mm) 3
Die Opening ( mm ) 3
Min. rest length ( mm ) 2.1
Internal radius ( mm ) 0.5
Bending force ( Tons ) 5.3

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The recommended V-opening width of bottom die:

S 0.5-3mm 3-8mm 9-10mm >12mm
V 6*S 8*S 10*S 12*S

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